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What We Do

We help our clients ensure successful recruitment by finding the best fitting candidates for strategic key positions. We are the only search company in Finland whose partners are all candidate research professionals.

What Makes Us Different?

  • The core of our business is profound candidate research in which we have extensive experience.
  • We pay special attention to how we communicate with the candidates as we represent our Client.
  • We are a Lean Search Firm. We have discarded the non-essential. Our Clients and the successful completion of each assignment are our main focus.
  • We are a competitively priced Search Firm.

Our Services

  • Talent Direct - a complete search with shortlisted, interviewed candidates
  • Talent Lite - a pool of prospective candidates

Talent Direct Talent Lite

Talent Direct

You will get shortlisted, interviewed candidates with the desired experience and skills, as well as genuine motivation for the open position. 

  • We are the professionals in identifying prospective candidates.
  • Virtual on-line interviews help us reduce the timeline from start to shortlist.

After the Briefing Meeting and getting a thorough understanding of your needs, we carry out targeted research to identify candidates with the desired work experience and skills necessary to succeed in the open position. We approach the identified candidates and interview the interested ones. 

We present you the candidates´ CVs with a memo summarizing each interview plus information on motivation, career aspirations, salary level and terms of notice. We give you our justified opinion, why we see each candidate as relevant for the position. We will also set up an interview schedule for you and act as a contact person between your company and the candidate throughout the whole process. We will conduct a reference check of the finalists if so agreed. With Talent Direct you get a guarantee – we continue searhing until the right candidate is hired!

There were an exceptional number of good and suitable candidates. We could have hired more than one, had there been several open positions.

Group Controller search for a listed company. Feedback from VP, Finance.

Talent Lite

We deliver a pool of prospective candidates with verified interest and motivation for the open position. 

  • Pre-qualified candidates and their CVs
  • Fast lane to relevant and interested candidates

With Talent Lite you will get pre-qualified candidates and their CVs. We begin with an extensive candidate research and identification, contact the selected candidates and, with a short pre-qualification interview, ensure their professional competence and appropriate skillset as well as verify their interest in the position. They will also receive written material on the vacancy.

Talent Lite supports your company´s open recruitment to ensure that the most relevant candidates are in the pool when the selection is made. Also, when you want to keep the recruitment process in your own hands and interview the candidates yourself, Talent Lite is the relevant service. As the research & contacting are made seamlessly, the candidates are usually found more swiftly compared to traditional recruitment methods.

Our cooperation has worked very well, and I have been really pleased with how you handle the whole process. You have always presented us excellent candidates!

Feedback from HR Business Partner of a large, listed company

Some Examples of Our Assignments

Human Resources

  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Specialist, Employer Image and Recruitment
  • Manager, Compensation & Benefits
  • Occupational Safety Manager
  • Director of Payroll and Administration


  • Communication Directors and Managers
  • Head of Investor Relations
  • Head of Internal Communications


  • Group Controllers
  • Business Controllers, Financial Controllers
  • Reporting Manager
  • Finance Process Development Manager

Sales & Marketing

  • Manager, Marketing
  • Sales Director
  • Head of Sales

Other Key Positions

  • Manager, Logistics Services Purchasing
  • Head of M&A
  • VP, Strategy & Business Development
  • Head of Compliance

About Us

Our business idea was inspired by the Clients, who saw a need for targeted, agile and competitively priced candidate research.

Founded in 2017 our company could be considered a start-up, but we all have extensive experience in the Executive Search business. Having searched for candidates for hundreds of different positions across various industries has given us a unique understanding of how to find the best candidates for each open position.

One solution does not fit all recruitment. Therefore we created services and processes customized to your needs and  seamlessly join your recruitment process. We offer our service where it is most needed – identifying you people worth meeting!

Katja Hyytiäinen

I am motivated by learning and mastering new things. The harder the search, the more I relish it. Prior to joining Talent Mapping, I worked for almost 10 years in traditional Executive Search companies. I've done hundreds of candidate searches for a variety of positions for companies operating in different sectors. Thanks to these assignments, I have built an extensive network of contacts and an understanding from where the most relevant candidates are found. I have a vast knowledge of Finnish businesses and I also conduct searches Europe-wide.

Marja Paavilainen

Before founding Talent Mapping in 2017 I worked almost 20 years in one of the leading, traditional Executive Search companies. I led the candidate research and identification and learned to understand that this part is really the key to successful recruitment! Some of my former clients encouraged me to establish a search company whose DNA is in the research and identification of candidates. I am continuously both thrilled and grateful for working with the leading Finnish companies to help them in finding the best talent.

Hanna Hellas

I've worked in the recruitment field since 2001, and as an executive search consultant from 2007. In March 2020 I got the chance to join the great team at Talent Mapping. As a search consultant, my focus has been on searches for business executives, sales management and industry experts. My clientele includes both domestic, entrepreneur-driven SMEs and international listed companies. I've always been fascinated by the dynamics in the recruitment business. It's always equally rewarding to see how a successful placement can improve our customer's business. Furthermore, the possibility to develop my own skills and improve the best practices in recruitment with my colleagues and customers always bring a smile to my face.
+358 (0) 40 848 0756

Raisa Jyrkinen

Throughout my career, I have been interested in how selecting the right people for the right roles and developing teams affect the success of organizations. Before moving to Talent Mapping, I worked for more than 20 years in large international and national companies in various consultant/expert and executive positions in HR. I have industry experience from the IT service sector as well as from the chemical industry, retail trade and the food industry. I have been supporting especially finance, R&D and supply chain management teams in issues related to resourcing and development of key personnel. Often the headhunter is the first contact a candidate has with the recruiting company: My primary goal is to have a deep understanding of my client's business and organizational culture so that I can find the best candidates for the current situation. Furthermore, I feel that I am a representative of my client's employer image and will therefore focus on ensuring a positive candidate experience in my engagements.

Sofia Pavlin

Administration and customer service are my forte, and I have been involved in positions of that nature for over 10 years. An incurable wanderlust has ensured that most of my life has been spent abroad – in the Nordics, England, The Netherlands and Croatia, where I have been employed in the tourism, sales, telecommunications and non-profit sectors. Upon my return to Finland, I entered the Executive Search field, where, among my more habitual Office Manager tasks, I am discovering new, exciting horizons as an Assistant Researcher. No matter the position or the sector, finding the right people for our clients is always an unalloyed pleasure!

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